Prime Time

Bay Area - 7 Voices - Much Music

Prime Time is an award-winning jazz-centered contemporary a cappella group from the California Bay Area which specializes in heartfelt singing, exquisite musicianship, and an approachable, honest performance style. Separately, the singers have decades of experience spanning multiple styles and cultures. Together, we have one goal - to let the music shine in and through us, as we reach out to touch, inspire, and entertain everyone who hears us.

Harmony Sweeps Finals - A Blast!

We had a GREAT time sharing the stage at the National Harmony Sweepstakes - NATIONAL FINALS (representing the SF Bay Area as Regional Champions), with six other winning groups from across the country as well as last year's National Champions. What a splendid night of Harmony it was! Each group sang our best set of 12 minutes of music to entertain the 2000+ bay area a cappella enthusiasts whilst also engaging each other in a friendly competition.

Our heartiest congratulations to Women of the World, The Quintessential Five, and Sea Note for placing in that order, and the remaining groups - Catatonic, 3 AM, and #FOURTY4B (besides us of course), for giving it your all, making it one of the fiercest National Finals ever! Shout out also to Honey Whiskey Trio (last year's National Champions) for your thoughtful gifts for each of us, for being fantastic hosts, and soothing our ears with your ever so tight harmonies! Hope to share the stage with you all again some day.

A special THANK YOU to our loyal families and friends far and wide for your constant support, and best wishes. We look forward to seeing you soon at a concert around the bay area.

Do check out our Media Page for a link to our YouTube Channel containing videos of our performance at the Sweeps this year.