Prime Time

Bay Area - 7 Voices - Much Music

Prime Time is an award-winning jazz-centered contemporary a cappella group from the California Bay Area which specializes in heartfelt singing, exquisite musicianship, and an approachable, honest performance style. Separately, the singers have decades of experience spanning multiple styles and cultures. Together, we have one goal - to let the music shine in and through us, as we reach out to touch, inspire, and entertain everyone who hears us.

The "New" Line Up

We've been remiss in welcoming Caia Brookes, who has been singing second soprano with us since March 2012. Caia is well known around SF Bay a cappella, having sung in several prominent groups including VoiceCraft, Flying without Instruments, and One Night Stand.  Jennifer Ayre (our first soprano) is particularly pleased to be singing in a group with Caia again, as the voice match they developed before is pretty spectacular, and they still like each other.