Prime Time

Bay Area - 7 Voices - Much Music

Prime Time is an award-winning jazz-centered contemporary a cappella group from the California Bay Area which specializes in heartfelt singing, exquisite musicianship, and an approachable, honest performance style. Separately, the singers have decades of experience spanning multiple styles and cultures. Together, we have one goal - to let the music shine in and through us, as we reach out to touch, inspire, and entertain everyone who hears us.

Fired up from Retreat

Primetime held our first planning retreat at John's house this last weekend.  Friday night was a blast, as we had a fabulous dinner (thanks Laura), and then gathered around the piano to take turns soloing and listening.  Highlights included:

  • Jay and Jennifer's fabulous piano playing and sight reading.
  • Kelly soloing on guitar with great versions of Killing me Softly and Crazy.
  • Dan singing She's Always a Woman, with John throwing in falsetto harmony.
  • Wil teaching tags.
  • Jay and Jennifer trading eights on jazz improv.
  • Much wine.

We are so lucky to have such talent and diversity of styles in this group, and are looking forward to creative ways of bringing it all to the stage.