Prime Time

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Founded in 2009, Prime Time was an award-winning jazz-centered contemporary a cappella group from the California Bay Area which specialized in heartfelt singing, exquisite musicianship, and an approachable, honest performance style. 

As of May 2017, Prime Time is no longer active.  We wish a big hearty thanks to all of our friends and fellow singers over the years.

Caia Brookes - Soprano II

Starting at about age 7, Caia sang with the children’s choir at her local church, where she immediately gravitated toward singing the harmony parts instead of the melody. In high school she started singing madrigals, and she has been hooked on a cappella ever since. She is especially grateful to her high school music director, who had the Chorale stand in quartets, rather than in sections – so she learned to sing her alto part with ‘two big, tall guys’ singing tenor and bass in her ears – and LOVED it. 

In college, Caia chose gymnastics over a cappella... But she made up for lost time after that, spending 11 years with bay area ensemble Flying Without Instruments, where she sang anything from soprano to tenor, arranged pop charts, directed the group for several years, organized a ‘wicked awesome’ 10-year anniversary concert, and produced the group’s second CD, ‘FWI Will Rock You.’

With FWI, Caia competed twice at the regionals of the annual Harmony Sweepstakes a cappella competition. She sang with a cappella ensembles 5 to the Bar, Voicecraft and One Night Stand (winner of Silo’s of Napa’s 1st annual a cappella competition), and she also enjoyed singing vocal jazz (with instruments!) with Passatempo vocal jazz ensemble at the Berkeley Jazzschool. She sings with the San Francisco Lyric Chorus when she needs an ‘old music’ fix – but her favorite thing is singing jazz and pop, one to a part, in small a cappella groups.

Caia credits most of what she knows about music to 2 years of piano lessons in elementary school and a handful of theory classes over the years. After studying various languages in school (German, French, Latin, Russian and Basic), she ended up working in IT for financial companies, and is currently a Business Analyst working on a bank’s corporate web portal.

Caia is ecstatic to be singing with Primetime!